We are manufacturing with 10 injection molding machines with clamping forces starting from 28 to 160 tons.

The machines are equipped with with linearrobots and corresponding peripherals for handling demanding parts. Small machines are equipped with sprue pickers, conveyor belts and progammable separating switch. Tempering units are available up to 160 degree.

On your special request we can send a detailed machine list to you.


We work with all common thermoplastic materials, starting from polyolefins, technical plastics up to high temperature plastics and thermoplastic elastomers.

If a material drying is required, we can ensure it by reliable dry air and compressed air dryers. Sprues are grinded directly next to the machine and get added to the injection molding process or alternatively sold to recycling companies.


We are producing prototype parts, small series as well as high-volume serial production. On some injection molding machines, we can offer automated production cells with part-handling/ insert-molding.

If necessary, we can run-in samples and optimize your products and/ or molds.