kunststoff concept regental

Who we are ... ?

We are a flexible company with a competent and motivated team specialized in services in injection molding technology, product development, additive manufacturing and molding technology.

Based on decades of experience in plastic processing we are able to offer the best service to our customer.

What we can offer to you ... !

Based on our core competences, we coordinate the following topics with reliable and long-term partners: design, development, molddesign and moldmaking.

We can coordinate processes such as optimization for molds, measurement reports, product finishing and the mounting of complete assemblies.

In sights in latest development projects

Together with the regional start-up ATHLEEZ, we have developed an innovative clip for fitness bands.

The start-up contacted us last year with the idea of adding a new, easy-to-use closure to the previously closed fitness bands.

As always, the requirements were systematically analyzed and defined during development in order to speak one language together with the customer.

Development was accelerated by the use of 3D printed prototypes, which we printed and tested in-house during development.

After a short development phase, a final design was determined, which was finally realized in the injection mold.

The result of the development is a magnetic-mechanical closure that withstands high loads and ensures simple but secure locking.

A development that was fun!