Mold development

We work out the specification sheet for the mold together with the customer. Subsequently we work out the detailed mold concept on agreement with the customer. Afterwards, several RFQs are forwarded to local moldmakers.

With our external mold suppliers, we have been working together for many years, and the price/ performance ratio, quality and delivery reliability are well-suited. Once the mold has been completed, samples will be systematically run-in and optimized up to the serial production stage.

We are able to create measurement reports for new projects with network partners.

Maintenance & jig construction

In our own mold shop we do the preventative service of the injection molds as well as smaller repairs and required optimizations.

For these jobs we have various machines, such as a ultrasonic cleaning device, lathing machine, milling machine, stand drill and a stylus grinding machine.

The gapless documentation in a mold life diary is obvious.

Jigs for assembly and mounts for robot hands are designed, engineered & built in-house.